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24/7 Water Damage Repair

At Omega Restoration, we provide 24/7 emergency services to assist you with any water-related disaster. Our water damage hotline is always open to report your loss and get immediate assistance from our highly-trained staff members. Once you call, we will dispatch our team of certified experts to your location to assess the issues and begin the water damage repair process. 

We are equipped to handle all types of restoration-type problems, including flood damage cleanup, water removal, fire damage, mold cleaning, and more. In addition, we work with your insurance company to ensure you receive the most coverage for your restoration job.


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Steps to Water Damage Repair

Proper drying, sanitizing, and replacing water-logged materials are crucial for effective water damage repair. Focus on restoring structural integrity and preventing future issues like mold growth. Monitor repaired areas for hidden moisture issues.

Dry Out Affected Areas

Assess Damage

Remove and Replace Damaged Materials

Clean Surfaces

Restore and Rebuild

Water Damage Repair

We know how destructive water damage can be to a property, which is why Omega Restoration Services provides comprehensive repair services to restore your home or business.

Our water damage repair process starts with a free, detailed inspection and damage assessment by our specialist. We then thoroughly dry all affected areas using professional drying equipment to halt ongoing water damage.

Our team works quickly to remove and replace any damaged, water-logged materials that cannot be restored, such as warped flooring, saturated drywall and insulation. We properly clean all hard surfaces and treat them with antimicrobial agents to prevent mold growth.

Once drying and repairs are complete, we focus on restoring your spaces, including installing new drywall, flooring, cabinets, and paint as needed. With 24/7 availability, prompt action is our priority throughout the water damage repair process.

With years of experience, you can trust Omega’s water damage repair services to restore your property to its pre-loss condition after any type of water disaster. Contact us today to schedule an inspection!


Water Damage Repair FAQ's

It’s crucial to start the water damage repair process as soon as possible, within 24-48 hours if you can. Quick action is key to prevent further deterioration.

Key steps include drying out areas, removing and replacing soaked materials, structural repairs, cleaning surfaces to inhibit mold growth, and restoring finishes.

Most standard home and business insurance policies cover repairs from sudden water damage. Make sure to document damage and contact your agent early in the process.

The timeline depends on extent of damage, but most water repair projects take 1-4 weeks. Structural drying can take 3-5 days before repairs can begin.

Recommendations include regular inspections for leaks, maintaining appliances/pipes, redirecting water flow away from the structure, installing water sensors, and addressing cracks in foundations.

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